Our focus


Financial services

Overbest has expertise in all aspects of derivatives, international securities, options, equity trading, and other investment instruments. We deliver on our investment strategy quickly and effectively.

Since 2022, Overbest has been working as a family office to help our clients manage their capital in a nebulous economic climate.


Real estate

We invest in real estate in the USA, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Our managers’ extensive knowledge and experience in property allow us to make the best possible investment decisions.

Our track record includes a number of major investment deals in residential and commercial real estate. We have also taken part in developing and raising capital for an international platform of global real estate players, as well as creating a system for attracting financing to regional development projects.


Venture capital

Early-stage venture fund. Building a fast-growing company and bringing it to the international market is a challenge for anyone. We believe only true champions will succeed. We find those champions in the early stages of their development and support them to grow into prosperous businesses.

Our investment focus is on startups with global ambitions. We are mainly looking for IT solutions for businesses, based on advanced technologies and with a high potential for rapid growth and scaling


Cryptocurrency investment fund

We invest in Web 3.0 and infrastructure for the decentralized economy, focusing on pre-seed, seed, and pre-A stage funding with an average check size of $200,000—$500,000.

With professional cryptocurrency traders on our team, we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities in the crypto and blockchain industry. We track industry regulations across the world so that we are ready to take advantage of the best investment opportunities in the crypto market. For those willing to accept a slightly higher risk level, the sky is truly the limit.