Overbest Limited.

為了實現世界商品市場的發展趨勢,我們決定聯合生產,貿易和貿易金融專業人士的努力,建立一個全球性的貿易公司,為全球客戶提供定制的全方位服務 國際市場上的鋸木產品。


並為買家 – 為可靠和值得信賴的供應商提供最暢銷的條件。



Realizing the trends in the development of world commodity markets, we decided to unite the efforts of Professionals in Production, Trade and Trade Finance to build a global trading company that provides to the clients world-wide a bespoke full range of services related to the promotion of sawn wood products on International markets.

Our mission is to make loyal customers with lifetime-value for producers not just by selling their products, but to guaranty the quality from factory to the door,
and for buyers – to bring reliable and trustworthy suppliers with best selling conditions.

Our strategy is co create within next 3 years one of the biggest sawn wood exporters from Russia to Chinese market.